Podcast Madness: South, Round 1

Recap: 40 podcasts, single-elimination brackets — 1 winner will emerge!

Read the first post here, then come back for the results.

South, Game 1: Bigger Pockets v. Ungeniused

In some bracket matchups, the podcasts are the same genre, so it’s easier to compare them. In this case, the genres were pretty different.

Bigger Pockets is a show about real estate investing. I listened to episode 166: “How Modeling Greatness Can Get You to 100+ Deals.” The two hosts give tips and tricks of real estate investing, plus interview a guest who’s in the business and ask about how they got into the business, their model of investing, and lots of other questions.

Maybe I should have started nearer the beginning, but I do appreciate that they’re giving away a lot of great advice and they have an active forum and community to answer all kinds of questions about real estate. The show had a similar vibe to the Tim Ferriss show — the hosts had some “hey bro” moments, but if you’re the least bit interested in the topic, this seems like a great resource.

Ungeniused is two guys talking about the weirdest articles they can find on Wikipedia. Yes, that’s right, they dive deep into the archives and bring up gems such as episode 21: The Palace of Parliament. Actually, while a little obscure, this is the 4th largest building in the world, situated in Romania, and construction is not complete! Construction began in 1984, and is ongoing.

The episodes are fairly short, but interesting. A great listen if you need light party conversation.

I’m not sure I’m into real estate investing, so….

Winner: Ungeniused


South, Game 2: Harry Potter & the Sacred Text v. Yer a Wizard, Harry


These two podcasts line up perfectly for a first round head-to-head. I started with episode 1 for each, since they both go chapter-by-chapter through the books.

Harry Potter and the Sacred Text takes each chapter at a time through the lens of a different theme. The first theme was commitment, and how that plays out through the actions of the different characters.

I found this an interesting approach. I love the Harry Potter series, but I’m not sure I think it’s quite sacred-text level. Looking at the themes of a chapter though is certainly an interesting study. It also gave one of the more positive views of the (admittedly awful) Dursley family, which I appreciated.

Yer a Wizard, Harry is three friends who have a book club style reading group via podcast. They talk about the chapter, what they liked about it or what struck them, and in the first episode, how they first came across the series.

They also have a “Quizzitch” section, which is cute.

At this point though, I think I’m more into the deep analysis, not just gushing about the books with friends (nothing wrong with that, I just appreciate a little more structure and analysis).

Winner: Harry Potter & the Sacred Text

Next time: Round 2!

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