A Collection from the Interwebs

I should probably post more content before I post a collection of things I found on the internet, but my little list has been sitting around since…maybe July. That’s embarrassing. It’s time to post them somewhere. I’ll write something real soon.

I have added a couple more recent things, but, in all their dated glory, here they are:

  • Glass-making is fascinating, just like this fun video. Apparently it won an Oscar in 1959 in the short documentary category.
  • This summer Joss Whedon’s “Much Ado About Nothing” came out, and I obviously watched it….And then got this song stuck in my head for 2 weeks. Tell me if that happens to you too.
  • A college friend is now a professional photographer, and he documented the engagement and wedding of a sci-fi obsessed couple. The theme: Dr Who. That’s right, the bride’s father built them a Tardis for the occasion. Nerdtastic!
  • A Van Gogh painting was found in someone’s attic. No big deal.
  • Anyone who plans on writing non-fiction (especially academic works) needs to read this. It’s called “10 Tips on How to Write Less Badly.” Excellence in writing should not be the sole property of novelists. I feel very strongly about this, as one who has had to read non-fiction. If you can’t write well, I take your ideas less seriously. At least learn to write less badly.
  • My talented cousin Jonathan gave a piano recital last fall, and put his performance on YouTube. Playing Bach on the piano (or on any instrument, for that matter) makes one a real musician.
  • The British phrase translator! I love it. I think my favorite is this one: “What the British Say: ‘Oh, incidentally/by the way…’ What the British Mean: ‘The primary purpose of our discussion is…'” or else maybe this one: “What the British Say: ‘Very interesting.’ What the British Mean: ‘That is clearly nonsense.'”
  • And finally, comedy duo Key & Peele show their take on Les Miserables. I have no idea why Hopper didn’t include this song in his version.