Peril at End House

I started this post a long time ago and then got busy and didn’t finish until now. Sorry for the back log!

It felt appropriate to kick off October with a mystery, and who better to read than the Queen of mystery herself: Agatha Christie!

I listened to this as a palate cleanser after listening to 30 hours and 34 minutes of Nicholas Nickleby.

In this story, Captain Hastings and his detective friend Hercule Poirot are vacationing and meet a young woman who has had some strange accidents–narrow escapes but is DEFINITELY FINE AND NO ONE IS TRYING TO MURDER HER. Poirot, of course, is intrigued and feels she is in danger, so they investigate to try to stop the murderer before she or he succeeds in killing their young friend.

But a few days later someone does die; not their friend, but her cousin, and Poirot must find the killer before they strike again.

Things are, of course, not all that they seem, and only Poirot can untangle the evidence and motivations of the cast of characters.

I’d put this in the middle of Agatha Christie mysteries: not every book can be Murder on the Orient Express, but this wasn’t a clunker either. It was entertaining, and if you’re looking for a good Audible listen, I’d recommend the Christie mysteries with either Hugh Fraser or David Suchet as narrator. They played Hastings and Poirot respectively in the great BBC adaptation of Poirot mysteries, and do an excellent job narrating these stories.

★ ★ ★