Podcast Madness: West, Round 2.2

Recap: 40 podcasts, single-elimination brackets — 1 winner will emerge!

For the thesis, read the first post here, then come back for the results.

West, Game 3: My Brother, My Brother and Me v. The Road Back to You

First up, My Brother, My Brother and Me, a comedy podcast, as far as I can tell. They bill themselves as “an advicecast,” answering questions and trying to be funny about it. I don’t think stand-up comedy podcasts are quite my thing though. Some parts of it were funny, but I think I prefer short, situational humor arising from the moment instead of the rambling style of this podcast.

Quick note for listeners: very not-safe-for-work-or-children language.

I’m sensing a theme: podcasts with guys who ramble for an hour or two aren’t really my thing. I need structure, or I need shorter podcasts. Or it has to be really really great.

This gave a distinct advantage to The Road Back to You, the podcast about the Enneagram. Episode 2 was still interesting, but still mostly background information. I don’t know much more about the 9 types than I did last time, and I’m worried this is going to be an extended infomercial for the hosts’ book.

However, the hope that we’ll get to some description in future installments gives it a slight edge.

Winner: The Road Back to You


West, Game 4: Truth’s Table v. The Liturgists

First up, Truth’s Table. I listened to the episode on Black Motherhood, a lovely meditation on what it means to be a mother of both biological and spiritual children. They also spent some time in gratitude for their own mothers (both biological and spiritual). They also acknowledge that relationships with mothers and being a mother can be complicated and a place of hurt and unmet desire. I found it beautiful and comforting.

I think I didn’t have a clear idea of what The Liturgists podcast was about. It’s not abut worship and worship styles, but instead it’s about various cultural topics, approached from a Christian(ish) point of view.

So it’s a bit broader than I originally thought, and I listened to the episode on Fake News and Media Literacy, which was a helpful reminder of what to look for and how to sift through news and “news.” They even wrote a fun rap to help you remember their points (note: some language in the rap).

While I found it interesting, I’m going to have to give the game to the podcast that made me teary-eyed:

Winner: Truth’s Table

Next time: South, round 2! Lots of these are short, so I’ll probably breeze through them.



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