Body-swapped or Transported?

Quick poll:

If you woke up one morning in an alternate universe, would you

  1. be in your body, just in the alternate universe OR
  2. be in the body of your alternate universe self and it’s just your mind that swapped places?

Which would you expect to be true?

4 thoughts on “Body-swapped or Transported?

  1. My first instinct is 1.

    The second option could play out interestingly, except it wouldn’t have a Metamorphosis-like shock effect because alternate universe me would be very similar. Like, maybe she is in better or worse shape, but I might not notice that upon waking. (Unless she’s a chain-smoker and I’m immediately craving a cigarette?)


  2. Thanks for the input! I can’t decide which I’d rather have.
    I think my first guess is #1, that I would be in my current body, and not in Alt-Austin’s body, but would Alt-Austin swap places with me and be here?

    How weird would that be? Alt-Austin might be in really good shape and be a lot more fun, and I’d be jealous of her when I managed to make my way back into my life.

    …Suddenly I’m realizing that #2 is pretty much Freaky Friday. I should watch that again as research.


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