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Since I’m going for the 2015 TBR Pile Challenge this year, and also because I think it will help me remember books I’ve read in general (and I have friends who do similar things), I want to start posting about books I’ve read. I don’t know if I’ll put every book I read here, but I at least want to document my thoughts on them, and invite conversation about books.

Tell me why you disliked a book I liked, or why I should give a book I didn’t like a second chance.

Also, tell me if you prefer Austen or Bronte. I hear usually people fall into one of those categories. Personally, I love both. It’s weird, actually. I have read numerous blog posts/ articles by someone who loved Jane Austen and couldn’t get into Jane Eyre, or people who pledge undying devotion to Jane Eyre and think Pride and Prejudice is just meh. It seems many people prefer one or the other.

I understand that they have very different tones, but I love them both. I would happily pick up Pride & Prejudice or Jane Eyre any day and read them again. Just tell me you want to do a re-read of either and I will leap at the excuse.

…But I digress. Someday I’ll try to analyze why people fall so hard along these lines (and why I don’t want to pick sides). Without further ado, the real point of this post!

Here’s the tentative format (all subject to change at the whim of management):

  • Title & Author (and year of publication)
  • Brief Summary (hopefully spoiler-free or spoiler-light. I’ll warn you if I want to say something spoiler-y)
  • Other thoughts I had on the book
  • Goodreads/Netflix style, I’m also going to try incorporating a star rating for how much I liked the book (I might change my mind tomorrow and think a star rating is a terrible idea. I’m going with it for now).

Maybe I’ll do that with some movies too. Who knows.

Photo by Send me adrift. used under Flickr Creative Commons License.

2 thoughts on “Book Reviews/Recaps!

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  2. I am HERE for this discussion! Thank you for asking! As I’m working through every Bronte novel, and trying to figure out how to describe them, and to compare/contrast them with Austen’s work (which I also love), this is floating around in my head a lot.

    Here’s my latest take: the Bronte sisters are writing about the strength of women, about their capacity to withstand trials, about their resiliency and resourcefulness. Austen’s books tend to be about the cleverness/wisdom of women, and highlights their emotional maturity (or the process of maturing?) in the midst of a bunch of fools. This could be wrong. I’m just sharing my immediate thoughts on the topic.


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