Yesterday while driving to work I turned on the radio and a woman was being interviewed about herbal remedies for winter ailments. She first said that there was a new herb shop about to open and they were going to interview the proprietor in a moment, but first she mentioned the name of the establishment: The Elderberry.

“Speaking of elderberry,” she said, “it is the Magna Carta of cold remedies.”

Wait a moment. The Magna Carta?

I think that’s probably only for British colds. And I have no idea why an herbal remedy would be reading an ailment its rights. I mean, I think that’s probably something the white blood cells do–right before they attack a virus. So maybe herbal remedies deliver it to the white blood cells?

Ok, there’s no need to anthropomorphize blood cells and herbs. I think she probably meant to say “it’s the Holy Grail of herbal cold remedies,” but Magna Carta is pretty funny.

I have no idea what else happened in the conversation, and I hope the store owner is slightly more knowledgeable, but that snippet of conversation make me laugh the rest of the way to work, and I decided the humor needed to be shared with the world. I hope you enjoy.

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